Would You Be a Deer?

“Alright, who has my phone?”  Aunt Jen exclaimed as we were driving down the road in Long Island, New York.

“I think Ava has it!”  Caitlin, my cousin, shouted elevating the volume in the car immensely.

We were driving down the long, windy road to the house where my whole family was having a reunion.  While we were driving down this road, we came across what we thoght to be a castle.  It turned out to be a house that had a lot of similar features from a castle.  It had stone walls, torches on the gates, and a whole lot of space.  A lot of the houses in that area were like this one.

While we were driving down the road, we encountered a deer on the side of the road.  A deer was eating grass and saw us.  It didn’t seem overjoyed to see, but unlike in California, it didn’t get scared.  It just stayed there eating its grass.  Everyone in the car was so excited because they didn’t see deer or any animals like that where they lived.  As we drove up that same road, we encountered many other deer on the side of the road.

When we got back to the house, everyone had a story to tell.  All of which were about seeing the most deer they had ever seen.  This kept going for a while.  All of us who were in the car were telling all the new people that were arriving  Finally, the day ended, and there was some peace and quiet.

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Your Favorite Food Poll


This is a poll to find out what your favorite foods are. Comment on which of the choices was your favorite and why.


Asiano Food (Japanese, Chinese, esc…)

Mexican Food

Ethiopian Food (one of my personal favorites)

American Food

European Food

Favorite Time with My Family

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One of the many favorite things I have done with my family, was the time we went to Legoland.  I went there with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin.  We all stayed in one motel room, and that asn’t the best part obviously.  We only stayed there for two days which didn’t give us a lot of time to go on the rides.  My cousin wasn’t the best either.  He was being very obnoxious most of the time.  We all enjoyed all the rides, but there was one that stood out as a blast to us.  It was one that had two pirate ships with a bridge in between them.  A rollercoaster would drop down a guge ramp and splash  water all over the bridge.  The first time I got hit by the water, it shot me all the way back to the other side of the bridge.  When we finally had to leave, I was extremely disappointed and annoyed because we didn’t go on all the rides.  It was still fun, and we’re all thinking of going again.



My Grandfather’s Passing


On a day where my sister and I were at home sick.  We were playing a video game that I had just gotten.  After about an hour or two, our mom got a call from her mom.  She sounded urgent and distressed, so our mom left to go see what was wrong.  About two or three hours went by of us playing video games when Mom came home.  She looked very sad because her eyes were red and teary.  She was about to tell us what happened, and I knew we weren’t going to like it.

”  I don’t think you’re going to like this,”  she said,” Your grandfather died.”

They both started balling while I just sat there with a blank expression on my face.  I wasn’t crying beecause I couldn’t.  I couldn’t process what I had just heard through my mind.  It was as though I was dead too.  I was dead but on the inside.  After fifteen full minutes of huddling up, we drove to our grandmother’s house.  When we got there I was mortified.  He was there, but he also wasn’t.  I sat next to him on the couch, turned on the tv to his favorite channel, and watched with him.  I hoped that he was watching too.  Then, my mom’s sister and her family came.  They cried for a while, and then we all ate lunch and waited for the coroner.  Even after we left, I still couldn’t comprehend this horrid tragedy and loss for my family.  I still miss him.

The Interview

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I interviewed my mom about her grandather and got a very interesting story:  Her grandfather was a soldier in the Italian army.  One night, he and his wife were sleeping, and he was taken to the Isle of Man.  My mom doesn’t know who took him, but she does know that he was taken so that he couldn’t fight for the Germans.  He was held as a prisoner of war until the war ended, and his wife had no idea where they took him.  She didn’t know for about a year until he finally came back.

Adding Images

Adding images seems to be so easy.  All you have to do is google it, copy, paste, and there you go, but there’s a liitle bit more to it.  If you want to put an image in your post, you have to make sure it isn’t copyrighted or has a white background.  You also have to give attribution to the image.  If you follow those guidelines, you will have no problem at all.

My Native Tongue


The Habit Cheeseburger Doran via Compfight


My native tongue is English.  I’m sorry for the disappountment.

The Habit is my favorite burger place, but it’s not my favorite just for its fantastic burgers.  I also have a great story of a time when I went there.  I was with my grandparents and my sister, and we had all sat down at our table.  I had ordered a regular cheeseburger with just cheese.  When I opened my rapper, however, there was no cheese.  My grandfather and I went back to the counter and asked them to make a burger with cheese on it this time.  We got that burger and sat back down at our table.  Like the other one, this burger had no cheese, but it also had no meat!  It was just two buns slapped on top of each other.  We all had a good laugh about it, and I finally got my burger that I asked for.  That was an experience that I will never forget.

Raise Your Voice: Child Neglect

  There is a very important issue that needs to be resolved, and that issue is called child neglect.  Child neglect is the most prevalent form of cheld maltreatment.There are three different levels of child neglect cause: an intrapersonal, an inter-personal/family, and a social/economic level.  42.2 percent of child maltreatment fatalities, in 2005 only, happened as a result of neglect.  There are four types of neglect: Medical neglect, physical neglect, educational neglect, and emotional/psycological neglect.  In 2008, child protective services received 3.3 million reports of child neglect or abuse.  Maltreated children are more likely to be more suicidal than others.  If neglected before the age of two years, neglected children are at risk of developing lifelong social, emotional, and health problems.  In conclusion, this is a very important problem that needs to be resolved.

Online vs. Offline Self

When I am online, I am not as different than in real life as I would like.  When I am online I am quiet, and I don’t comment on content.  I do comment on things when I thinks that it’s necessary.  I am usually like this in real life when I’m at school.  I don’t raise my hand very often, and I don’t usually like speaking up unless it’s necessary. Most people I know in real life don’t know me online, and I’m sort of glad of that.